Watac Internatinal, Inc.
Station Media
Ads in Station or Station Building / Promotional Media
Free magazine racks/ Signboards, Posters/ Ad pillars/ Floor ads/ Stickers for automatic ticket gates/ Station events, etc.
Train Media
Ads in Train/Promotional Media
Hanging posters/ Above-the-window ads/ Next- to- the door ads/Above-the door ads/Stickers/ Wrapping ads/ Digital screens, etc.
Media for Station-front Commercal Area
Advertising in Station-front streets/Promotional media
Free magazine racks/ Sales promotion media, etc.
Public Relations / Marketing Research and Analysis / Online media
PR activity support/ Marketing research/ Website design/ Recruitment ads in free magazines, etc.
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Our Business Areas

Public Relations / Marketing Research and Analysis / Online media

As well as transit advertising, we provide such marketing solutions as sales promotion, market research, analysis, consultation, and online recruitment ads. Using a combination of methods allows you to reach out to your target customers more effectively.
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Public Relations

We will extensively support your public relation activities, ranging from ads to be placed in technical magazines in the IT field to those created for the general media. In this way, the exposure of your product and/or service to the media will be boosted.
Our past and existing clients include major PC makers, peripheral equipment makers, and software makers.

Marketing Resarch, Analysis, Proposals

We will assist your marketing research activities using questionnaire surveys, and/or group interviews, from the planning stage to actual implementation. After making a careful analysis of the results and reporting it to you, we will make proposals for strategic improvements.

Website Design

Our age is "the era of search." Maximizing your company/shop website is the key to obtaining customers. We have specialized formats unique to each type of client: medical institutions, schools, etc.. For this reason, we are able to provide websites excelling in design and operability. We will also provide consultation to optimize your site.


If you want to create a website, you are not satisfied with the current one, or you are considering to review your site, please contact us.

Recruiting Ads

Placing an ad in a free magazine is a good method for obtaining efficient employees for your company. We deal with ads in "Jobaidem," a recognized free magazine, which can be used for any type of job recruitment. If you want to place an ad in a recognized free magazine or get further information, please contact us.

Job aidem

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